Cuisine Crafts
From the Heart…

Cuisine Crafts takes immense pride in its craft of food making. It also takes equally immense pleasure in serving food connoisseurs with a soul-satisfying dining experience.

Highest levels of skills, innovations and customer service are the backbones of Cuisine Crafts’ present ventures – Mewar Restaurant, Marzipan and The Bread Story and so will these be for all others.

In its endeavor to make a name for itself in the F&B space, Cuisine Crafts is treading with utmost focus and has set for itself very high standards.

Team Cuisine Crafts is all about passion for food and awaiting glimpses of smiles that its food & service bring to the faces of discerning patrons as gratifying rewards. Every team member at Cuisine Crafts is attuned to the larger goals that the venture has set for itself. A beginning has been made with the launch of Mewar Restaurant and the response that it has evoked will only take things to higher achievements.

We at Cuisine Crafts are thankful to all ardent foodies for their explicit and hearty encouragement. It would be our mission to work harder to achieve a place of pride in the F&B Industry, not just in the great Kingdom Of Bahrain but also the world over.

We all welcome you to join in this delightful journey of global food and look forward to smiling alongside all the way!

…Team Cuisine Crafts

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Our Brands

The Royal Art Of Indian Cuisine

Mewar Restaurant is a place to visit and experience the mystique of Indian food with its mysterious intrigue, mind boggling and bewildering array of tastes, colours, flavours, fragrances, variety of spices, herbs and ingredients. Mewar a region of the subcontinent known for its robust terrain, tales of valour of its inhabitants and of course with its legendary gastronomic range rightly contributed by both its royalty and hoi polloi, its adaptation of influences brought in by frequent campaigns, is truly a Gourmet’s vision of what lies ahead in a gastronomic paradise.

Visit Mewar

A Neo-Modern Journey Into Continental Europe

Marzipan is a neo contemporary French style concept Bistro Cafe/Restaurant. Themed around the namesake confection, Marzipan, the Bistro Café serves neo-modernist continental European Food with a novel flair. The facility offers eclectic breakfast, quick meals and full meals, a vivid selection of beverages including an imaginative range of tea based cocktails and food in contemporary settings, with a compelling and indulgent display of confiserie, chocolaterie and of course Marzipan.


Home Made Savory

The Bread Story is a restaurant that remains true to the evolution of mankind – from the times man learnt to fire up a cooking fire and making bread on it till the times of modern cooking where it is now as much an art as a science. The Bread Story is themed around a central aspect of middle-eastern usage of Forn (an Oven) and presents the time honored techniques of baking, roasting and presenting the authentic flavours of the Levant & Arabs. Artisan bakers and their assistants will offer traditional but modernistic expressions in exquisite fruits of the hearth - an experience that only can be had by savoring the offerings at The Bread Story.